10 Must Have Amazon Travel Essentials That You Need

Are you ready to lounge by the beach, take some time off, or even head to the mountains? I am! No matter where you’re going, I have am sharing my top 10 travel essentials favorites and Amazon top rated luggage. Traveling can be stressful with going to and through the airport, getting through security and flying. However, if these travel essentials can make traveling a lot easier! Check out my travel essentials that I take with me on every vacation!

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Travel Essentials | Top 10

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3-in-1 Charging Station | Neck Pillow | Hard Case Cord Protector (31% off) | Travel Blanket and Pillow (23% off) | Individual Vitamin Pouches | Make Up Brush Case | Light Up Mirror | Solar Power Portable Charger (61% off + 10% off coupon) | Packing Cubes (13% off) | Toiletry Bag

These are my top 10 must haves for traveling! I never travel without these!

  • Portable Charger – a portable charger is a must, because it can be hard to keep your phone/laptop charged while sitting in the airport and using on the flight. This particular charger is big and mighty! It has multiple ports so you can share the love.
  • Cord Case – there nothing worse than needing a charging cable and you they are all tangled together because are shoved into one pocket of your travel bag. This cord case will keep them tangle free!
  • Neck pillow – this does not need an explanation, but this one is incredible! It wraps all the way around and you can fold in half to make a side pillow if you are by a window.
  • Travel Blanket – This travel blanket and pillow are amazing! It is a good size and when you roll up the blanket, it turns into a pillow if you forget your neck pillow!
  • Vitamin Baggies – These travel baggies specifically made for vitamins and medications are great because you can break them up into specific days (you can write on them and specify day or night) you need on the trip!
  • Makeup Mirror – One of my absolute favorites is this light up travel mirror with a magnification attachment (you know I can’t see 😂). It’s great for touching up your makeup on the plane and in your hotel room. It charges and slips right into your travel bag.
  • 3 in 1 Charging Station – okay, this is pretty cool! It’s a new gadget that I had to get because it went viral and I tried it out at home and I can see why everyone is raving about!
  • Packing cubes – These are a must! Not only can you pack a whole more with these, but you can separate out types of clothing or pack by outfits. Each of my kids has a different color, so they can pack them and we can put them into any suitcase and they know who’s is who’s!
  • Toiletry Bag – I can honestly say that this toiletry bag is the best! I have own this same one for about 5 years how and it’s still going strong. It can hold full size bottles of products and it can hang on a hook so you can get to things easily. If anything leaks, which it has, the product mess stays in that compartment you and you just wipe it clean!
  • Makeup Brush Holder – okay, now this pretty cool! It’s not only travel brush holder! When you unzip it, you can stand it up and it holds your makeup brushes and pencils up right so they are ready to use! You no longer need to grab a hotel glass to hold your brushes!

Travel Essentials | Luggage

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Shoe Packing Bag (20% off) | Suitcase Organizers (34% off) | Travel Backpack | Quilted Duffel Bag (26% off) | Hard Case Luggage Set (7% off) | Carryon Bag (20% off + $3 off coupon)

If you do not have reliable, sturdy luggage, Amazon has some amazing pieces to choose from . These travel items are all highly rated! Suitcase organizers are great because you can separate pants, tops, delicates, and toiletries. It keeps your suitcase from becoming disorganized and shifting while traveling. If you are working on the go, this backpack comes in a few different sizes to fit your laptop! Traveling to places like the beach, your shoes can get sandy or dirty, this shoe packing bag keeps your shoes secured away from your clothes!

Travel Beauty & Accessories

Here are some beauty and accessories that I will always bring with me on a trip. I cannot live without my root touch up, to help your hair look refreshed and ready to go! If you are going to the beach, these hats are my favorites!

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Tap to shop my favorite root touch ups

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Tap to shop my favorite sun hats

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Tap to shop these travel favorites

Click images to shop above

Tanning Essentials

These are my go-to tanning products!

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Get Into the Light Self Tanner | Dove Exfoliating Polish | Exfoliating Mitt | Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops | 3 Piece Self Tanning Gloves (46% off)

Make sure to stay tuned… you may get some more vacation styles next week!

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