Faster Way to Fat Loss – Six Week Results are In!

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I absolutely love this program, so much so that this is my FIFTH year participating in it! I always do a nice little reboot come the new year and really get myself back on track. That is honestly one of the many reasons why I love this program – I am able to stick with it, see results, but still live the life I want to! I love being entirely transparent about my fitness routine and what helps me stay in shape as a gal who recently turned 50! My favorite workouts come from the ‘FASTer Way to Fat Loss‘ program – it is the only program that I have ever found that works. It’s truly amazing and something I believe in. Keep scrolling to learn more about taking your first step towards a “FASTer Way to Fat Loss”!

**This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own. I am not a coach or a personal trainer, results are from my own personal experience. Thank you for supporting me!**

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What is FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

FASTer Way to Fat Loss (FWTFL) is a sustainable lifestyle program that uses nutrition, intermittent fasting and workouts to lose fat and increase muscle. It is an online program with a personal FASTer Way Certified Coach. Your coach will teach and guide you through the program and be there for you for the duration of the program.

No matter how much weight you need to lose or what your goals are, this is the perfect program for anyone ready to commit to their journey!

faster way to fat lost updated and honest review | faster way to fat loss, fat loss, exercise, workout, training program, macros, gluten free, daity free, intermittent fasting, certified coach

My Coach’s Personal Success

I have been working with Jocelyn since the very beginning. It’s honestly so refreshing to be coached by someone who has had their OWN success with FWTFL. Signing up with a coach makes a world of a difference. If you don’t sign up with a coach, you are thrown into a big group and miss out on the personalized attention. Jocelyn will be your biggest cheerleader and help keep you motivated! She will teach you how to calculate her macros, tips and tricks for nutrition and workouts and she is with you until the END! CLICK HERE to sign up with Jocelyn – you won’t regret it!

Keep scrolling to read a little note from Jocelyn!

faster way to fat loss | fat loss, weight loss, exercise, fitness, fitness program, six week results, fitness progress, progress pictures

Hi! I am Jocelyn James, I’m a 38 year old living in Florida with my husband and two frenchies. After trying all the “diets” for years, nothing felt sustainable. When I found Faster Way back in early 2018, I had to give it a try…and I am so thankful that I did. I ended up with amazing results but how I felt was the most important part. I felt more confident, I was sleeping like a baby and this new level of energy was something I hadn’t felt in years. After being a client, I became a health coach in January 2019 because I wanted to help other women feel all of these incredible benefits. I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight and gain more confidence and it’s brought a whole new level of fulfillment and meaning to my career.

My Six Weeks Results are In

In just six weeks, I embarked on a reboot to bid farewell to the ‘fluff’ and refocus on my fitness goals. Having started my program in my 40s and now firmly in my fabulous 50s, I knew consistency was key. Despite not having much to lose initially, the scale happily reported a 7-pound farewell to the ‘fluff.’  After shedding those pounds, the muscle tone, which had been steadily built through consistent workouts, is now more pronounced and my clothes fit better, a testament to progress made!

These are my latest results since my latest ‘new year’ reboot of FWTFL. I cannot stress enough that these results are not only workout based but also based on nutrition. Don’t worry, you won’t need to figure that out on your own — this fitness program teaches you how to calculate your macros for optimal success. FWTFL offers meal-planning which I use as inspiration for my own recipes and ideas for meal-prep!

CLICK HERE to see my initial results when I completed my very first round of FWTFL almost 5 years ago!

Real Life Results

The truth is, I’m not always the best eater. While I excel in my workouts and genuinely enjoy them, it’s the dietary aspect that often trips me up. What I truly appreciate about this program is its flexibility. If I slip up one day, I simply start fresh the next. During the six-week reboot, life threw some curveballs my way—I found myself in Vegas, navigating Super Bowl Sunday gatherings, and indulging more than I planned, straying from my macros. However, as evident from my results, the key lies in getting back on track. It’s a reminder that setbacks happen, but consistency and perseverance ultimately yield success with this program.

My Favorite Workout Gear

The FWTFL program includes both home and gym workouts. If you are working out at home you will need handheld weights and access to a sturdy chair or bench. FWTFL shows three modifications for every move which is perfect if you are injured or have limited mobility! Anyone at any fitness level and age can do this program!

faster way to fat loss | fat loss, weight loss, exercise, fitness, fitness program, six week results, workout gear, at home workout, kettlebells, resistance, weights

Booty Bands | Dumbbell Rack with Three Sets | Resistance Bands | Foam Roller | Weight Lifting Gloves | Exercise Core Sliders | 15 lb Kettlebell | 25 lb Kettlebell | Weight Bench | Resistance Bands with Handles | Chrome Dumbbell Rack with Five Sets

Personally, I work out at home and have had amazing success. I use each item above (except the foam roller but I know those are SUPER popular). I love the workouts provided by FWTFL, they are typically 30 minutes or less which is perfect if you are busy or always on-the-go!


If you are food plan lover, then FWTFL has you covered! Not only do they offer an amazing meal plan, but it’s always changing so you will never get bored and you automatically the meal to your FWTFL macro tracker! Easy peasy.

How Do I Sign Up?

The most important part about signing up is getting a good coach and signing up through her personal link. My coach is Jocelyn James and she is amazing! She keeps her groups small for personalized attention. You can join her group here. If you don’t sign up through a coach and sign up directly from the FASTer Way site you will get put into a very large group with an unknown coach.

What’s New About the Program?

Recent additions and upgrades include:‍

  • A clinically proven, proprietary FASTer Way app
  • A Certified Coach program to support thousands of clients 
  • An expanded team of credentialed fitness and nutrition experts 
  • Daily workouts 365 days per year and a digital studio with hundreds of workouts
  • Weekly meal plans and grocery lists conveniently delivered in email or the app
  • Thousands of integrated recipes and tools available in the app
  • Enhanced app features such as: fasting timer, workout, macro and water tracker
  • Comprehensive resources and training
  • Global expansion with Spanish language options
  • FASTer Way Merchandise and accessories

Can I Still Enjoy Coffee and Wine?

Coffee: Yes! Even though you are fasting in the mornings, you can still drink coffee and tea. If you like creamer FWTFL recommends Nut Pods to help keep you in your fasting state. If you like to add sweetener they recommend Stevia. I drink my BCAA’s every morning and this one is approved by FWTFL since it does not have any artificial sweeteners. PRO Tip: it tastes delicious ice cold, but warm.. not so much! FWTFL also offers their very own BCAA’s now, too! It’s so good that you better grab it quick, because it always sells out!

Wine: Yes! Yes, you can! You only need to be sure it fits into your macros!

Is There Anything I Can’t Eat?

FWTFL would like you to eliminate gluten and dairy from your diet. I have a gluten intolerance, so I don’t consume gluten anyway. As for dairy, I love cheese way too much so I opted to keep it in my diet.

Why Do I Do It?

The main reason that I started FWTFL was because I watched several women on Instagram go through the program. I saw how much they loved the program and I was witnessing results with my own eyes! I saw that they were eating a lot of food and they were shrinking before my own eyes. And, they seemed to really love it! Now, almost 5 years later, I am still LOVING the program! I am in the VIP program, because I truly love the workouts.

What I have gained from this program:

  • I learned how to eat correctly – portion and calorie control and learn how to calculate and eat for my macros.
  • Learning the proper way to lose fat
  • Toned body

In Conclusion

I believe that you can learn everything you need in the 6-week program to achieve continued results.

At $249, that’s only $41.50/week or less than $6/day for a personal coach, meal plan and workouts! It’s a no-brainer if you ask me!

After that you roll into the VIP program for $99/mo if you choose or you can cancel.

In my opinion, if you are self-motivated, you can continue forward on your own without the VIP membership program. You have already been intermittent fasting, have learned to eat properly and for your macros and how the workouts correlate with the eating days.

BUT, if you are someone that needs a accountability, then you can stay in program as a VIP member. You will have your coach cheering you on and holding you accountable in a Facebook community with other VIP members and you will have complete access to all the workouts, meal plans and all the FWTFL portal contains.

OR, if you are like me, you love the workouts then the VIP membership is worth every penny.

Are You Ready?

Signing up is easy! CLICK HERE to join Jocelyn James’ group! It will be the best decision – trust me!

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