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The First Top 10 Best Sellers of 2023!

I cannot believe we are already at our first monthly round up of 2023! This winter season has come with a bunch of styles that have become apart of my everyday picks. I have shared some of my favorite fashions, home and beauty essentials over this last month. A lot of you hopped on these items quick and are loving them for yourself. I have compiled a list of the top 10 best sellers from January! Let’s kick off the new year with our first official round up. If you have not gotten the chance to get your hands on some of these picks, now is your chance! A bunch of items are on sale right now! Check out the top sellers you all loved below.

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Top 10 | Amazon Fashion

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Black Shacket S | Tan Puffer Vest XS (24% off + 15% off coupon) | Matching Lounge Set S (10% off coupon) | Faux Leather Leggings 25″ XS | Flare Leggings 29″ XS| Long Sleeve Tee XS | Half Zip Pullover S | Women’s Socks | Long Sleeve Athletic Tee XS (13% off) | Fleece Lined Tights (29% off)

These items from Amazon are some of my favorites! I wear these basic long sleeve’s underneath a ton of outfits. 1. for warmth and 2. they are good quality basics to pair with outfits. When I found this matching lounge set I was so excited because it is petite friendly! The legs are not too long and it is so comfortable. I wear it around the house all the time and will definitely be buying more! I love seeing that you guys liked the black plaid shacket and the cropped puffer vest. These are key winter essentials and if you haven’t grabbed these items yet, I would now!

Top 10 | Fashion Favorites

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Nike Waffle Sneakers | Express Bodysuit XS | Lululemon Wide Crossbody | New Balance Sneakers | Fuzzy Half Zip Jacket S | Black Flare Jeans 0 Short | Lululemon Mini Backpack | Tan Booties | Split Hem Blue Jeans 0 Short | Cropped Black Jeans 0 Short

For me, Express has become a staple brand for my closet. Their clothing and styles have taken this season by storm with their jeans, and bodysuits. I have just about every style of jeans from them because they are such great quality and come in a HUGE range of sizes. Everything from short to long, size 0-14. Finding quality jeans that fit petite can be hard to find but these jeans have knocked it out of the park! Sneakers have been a big trend recently too, and I love my Nike Waffle Sneakers and New Balance’s!

Top 10 | Beauty

top 10 beauty, january top selling beauty, claw clips, root touch up, heatless hair curler, silk pillow cases, water flosser, tweezer kit, eye massager, ice roller, nail kit, ionic blow dryer, beauty essentials

Hair Claw Clips (10% off + 10% off coupon) | Root Touch Up | Heatless Hair Curler (42% off) | Silk Pillowcases (33% off) | Water Flosser | Tweezer Kit (27% off) | Eye Massager (60% off) | Ice Roller (47% off) | Nail Kit | Ionic Blowdryer (28% off)

You know I love good skincare and beauty items that make my skin healthy and my body feel good! These beauty items that you all loved are some of my favorites, and a bunch are on sale right now. One of my hair hacks is this root touch up to help hide the scalp or even gray hairs to create a more full look. This eye massager is on sale right now for 60% off… if you have not tried one of these, you need to now! This helps alleviate headaches, head tension and is so unbelievably relaxing!

Top 10 | Home

top 10 home items, january top home items, neck stretcher, sequence card game, iphone chargers, olive oil spray, chair leg protectors, hanging organizers, weight workout bands, multipurpose charger, kids drawing tablet, hand warmer

Neck Stretcher (35% off + 10% off coupon) | Sequence Card Game (46% off) | 3 Pack IPhone Chargers | Olive Oil Sprayer ($2 off coupon) | Chair Leg Protectors | Hanger Organizer (10% off) | Resistance Workout Bands | Multi-use Apple Chargers | Kids Drawing Tablet (25% off) | Electric Hand Warmer

This neck stretcher has become very popular across Instagram, Tiktok and more. If you have neck troubles, pain, or just need some decompression this neck stretcher is amazing! It gives you almost immediate relief and helps separate the vertebrae to allow your bones and joints to breath. Another favorite of mine are these home gym resistance bands. If you have a home gym, or prefer working out at home these are awesome for your workouts! Lastly, if I could recommend this for anyone it would be these closet hanger organizers. This gives your closet so much extra room for clothes and feels less cluttered!

Top 10 Fashion | Lounge Wear

amazon lounge set, matching lounge set, top 10 fashion, cozy style, loungewear,

Matching Lounge Set S (10% off coupon) | UGG Mini Look-alike tts | Sneakers tts

Get this Upcycled Gucci bag for 10% off with code: EVERYDAYHOLLY

Top 10 Fashion | Activewear

athletic wear, puffer vest, cropped puffer vest, leggings, nike sneakers, lululemon belt bag, long sleeve tee, top 10 fashions, january top sellers

Cream Long Sleeve Tee XS | Tan Cropped Puffer Vest XS (24% off + 15% off coupon) | Leggings 25″ XS | Nike Waffle Sneakers | Similar Belt Bag (20% off)

Faux Leather Sports Bra XS | Faux Leather Leggings 28″ XS | Half Zip Pullover S | Belt Bag | Sneakers (25% off) | Ponytail Hat (53% off)

Top 10 Fashions | Everyday Style

lounge wear, amazon top 10, pullover, flare leggings, backpack, black boots

White Half Zip Pullover S (16% off)| Flare Leggings 29″ XS | Black Backpack (10% off + 5% off coupon) | Black Boots (5% off)

everyday fashion, top 10 fashions, january top 10 styles, faux leather leggings, black shacket, long sleeve athletic tee, boots, sneakers

Black Plaid Shacket S | Long Sleeve Athletic Tee XS (13% off) | Faux Leather Leggings XS | Black Boots tts | Sneakers tts | Gucci Bag

top 10 fashions, amazon fashion, winter style, leggings, puffer vest, long sleeve sweatshirt, womens socks, sneakers, everyday style, january top 10

Tan Sweatshirt XS (45% off) | Black Puffer Vest XS (35% off)| Leggings 25″ XS | Women’s Socks | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Gucci Bag

january best seller, heated puffer vest, amazon fashion, winter style, top 10

Heated Puffer Vest

This heated puffer vest made itself in the Top 10 for January and I couldn’t leave you hanging! If you live in a colder climate, this would be amazing for you. Keeps you super warm and is rechargeable!

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