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My Top 22 Amazon Picks from 2022

It’s here! My personal top 22 Amazon fashion picks of 2022! As you are well aware, I love Amazon and I purchase a lot of fashion from Amazon! I love everything that I share, but these 22 pieces are the ones that I wore on repeat in 2022 and I know I will continue to wear into 2023 and beyond! These items have now become staples in my closet, and I constantly receive a ton of questions asking where they are from (yes, they are that good!). Now, I have them all compiled for you to look and shop!

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Top 22 | Summer Looks

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White Bodysuit | Blue Jean Shorts | Socks | Tan Star Sneakers | Blue Striped Sundress | Tennis Dress | White Sneakers

The white bodysuit shown above is one of my all time favorite bodysuits. I have it in just about every color because I love the shape and how it fits! Now shorts can be hard to find during the summer because you want it to cover the booty. I discovered these Amazon shorts and I wear them a TON during the summer and they do not ride up. If you are looking for some sundresses or easy styles to wear in the spring or summer, this tennis dress is perfect for a casual day! It has shorts built into the dress and sculpts the body in the right places.

tank, shorts, amazon finds, summer wear, summer style, top 22 picks

Bodysuit S | Blue Jean Shorts 25 Short

I wasn’t kidding when I said I have it in almost every color…

bodysuit, shorts, jean shorts, shacket, top 22 items, black jeans, gucci purse, sneakers, mules, womens summer fashion

Bodysuit S | Blue Jean Shorts 25 Short | Pink Shacket S | Tory Burch Sandals | Tan Sneakers | Black Jeans | Similar Bag | Black Mules

Top 22 | Dresses

top 22 picks, sundress, blue and white sundress, bags, black heels, winter dress, purses

Blue Striped Sundress S | Woven Crossbody | Brown Heels | Black Sweater Dress XS | Black Crossbody | Black Heels

I’ve got a top summer and winter look for you! This sundress feels so good on the skin and is super lightweight. The slit in the leg allows a more airy feel and paired with this handwoven crossbody is a super cute match. This sweater dress is a new favorite I have found recently. I discovered it this season and I get consistent compliments and questions about it.

Top 22 | Loungewear

lounge sets, black lounge sets, belt, gray sneakers, top 22 pick

Black Tank Lounge Set S | Belts with Gold Hoops | Black Short Sleeve Lounge Set S | Gray Star Sneakers

These lounge sets are amazing! I love the more airy and baggier side to these sets because they are not super tight on the body. They are super comfortable and pair well with any sneaker. If you are needing an everyday lounge style, I highly recommend these sets!

holly in lounge sets, top 22 picks, black lounge set, orange lounge set, sandals, sneakers

Short Sleeve Lounge Set S | Tank Lounge Set S | Shorts Lounge Set S | Sandals

Top 22 | Layers

shackets, large puffer coat, top 22 picks, blog image, collage, black plaid shacket, pink shacket, black puffer

Black Plaid Shacket S | Tan Shacket S | Black Puffer Coat S

I have been wearing this shackets/jackets all season long. You can layer so well with a shacket and the plaid detailing adds some flare to an average outfit. This oversized puffer jacket has been raved about and I am a big fan now that I have bought it. It has become one of my favorite purchases from 2022 because it is so cozy but also feminine with the belt!

Top 22 | Athletic Tops

athletic tops. sports bras, pullovers, long sleeve tops, top 22 picks, amazon athletic tops, athleisure wear

Green Sports Bra XS | Green Criss-Cross Back Sports Bra XS | Red Cropped Sports Bra XS | Maroon Half Zip Pullover S | Black Long Sleeve Workout Top XS | Tan Long Sleeve XS | Black Oversized Athletic Top XS

I love good athletic wear for a great price. Amazon has some of my favorite athletic wear and it ranges from sports bras to pullovers. I really like these sports bras because they are very supportive and cute. Now these athletic tops are great because they are so light weight and great for doing those workouts in the winter!

Top 22 | Athletic Bottoms

top 22 picks, athletic bottoms, leggings, tennis skirt, thermal leggings, leggings with pockets

Tennis Skirt XS | Black Metallic Leggings 25″ XS | Traditional Black Leggings 25″ XS| Black Leggings with Pocket 25″ XS

If you have been following me for a while then you know that these are my go-to athletic leggings. I love these leggings specifically because they come in a range of lengths. So you can get the perfect length for your height. This tennis skirt is super cute on, and it has athletic shorts built into them! I love these for a good tennis or golf day.

top 22 picks, athletic wear, fashion, style, athletic tops, athletic leggings, athleisure wear

Oversized Athletic Top XS | Tan Leggings XS | New Balance Sneakers | Tan Long Sleeve XS | Black Leggings 25″ XS | Black Long Sleeve XS | Faux Leather Leggings 25″ XS| Black Boots

top 22 picks, golf skirt, black dress, golf dress, athletic wear, sneakers, blog image

White Tank XS | Tennis Skirt XS | White Sneakers | Tennis Dress XS | Tan Belt Bag | Black Belt Bag | Quay Sunglasses

puffer coat, athletic wear, top 22 picks

Black Puffer Coat S | Faux Leather Leggings 25″ XS | Black Boots

shacket, black plaid shacket, leggings, faux leather leggings, top 22 picks

Black Long Sleeve XS | Faux Leather Leggings 25″ XS | Black Boots | Black Plaid Shacket XS | White Sneakers | Similar Crossbody

I would love to know what your top purchases are from Amazon. I am always on the look for new items, so let me know your top picks!

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