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Let’s Go To Europe! Fashion and Packing Favorites

This has been a highly requested from you guys… let’s go to Europe!! So many of you have asked me for outfit inspo for traveling to Europe this summer! I love finding cute outfits for strolling the streets, hitting the town and going out for dinner! I have compiled a huge list of all things fashion, and packing must haves for going out of the country. When you travel overseas packing is a bit different! I have provided some key items that will make you feel a lot more organized and confident that your luggage is secure. Fun fact: I lived in Italy for 2 summers when I was in my early 20’s and it was an absolute blast! If you have not traveled to Europe I highly recommend it!! Check out the blog below for all the details!

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European Travel | Travel Essentials

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Umbrella | Rain Poncho | Travel Universal Outlet Adapter (14% off + 7% off coupon) | No Jet Lag Medicine | Luggage Scale | TSA Compatible Locks | 3 Set of Outlet Plugs | Anti Blister Balm | Mini First Aid Kit | RFID Neck Wallet (17% off + 7% off coupon) | Moleskin Foot Pads | Travel Money Belt | RFID Credit Card Protector | Anti Theft Bag (15% off)

A lot of people don’t think about this when traveling to a different country, but having RFID safe items are key. RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification.” These RFID safe items means that it protects your credit cards, from being scanned and hacked from scammers. This may sound a little intimidating or scary, but this just gives you an extra layer of protection, especially in another country. A lot of the outlets in Europe are different than the ones we have in the US. So I highly recommend purchasing universal outlets for things like chargers, straighteners and curling iron to keep them from surging. You WILL be walking a TON! So this moleskin foot protectors and anti-blister balm are a must to protect your feet from rubbing on your shoes!

European Travel | Fashion Inspo

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Striped Wrap Dress tts, S (13% off + 5% off coupon) | Blue Sun Dress tts, S (5% off coupon) | 2 Piece Matching Shorts Set tts, S (17% off) | High Neck Romper tts, S (15% off + 5% off coupon) | Jean Jacket XS | Black Ruffle Bodysuit tts, S | White Bodysuit tts, S (8% off + 5% off coupon) | Linen Pants S, Unaltered

When I’ve gone to Europe for vacation in the summer one of the key things is comfortable clothes! You will be traveling a lot + the warm weather you want to be in styles that are light, and airy. If you are traveling this summer now is the time to grab these fashions! This summer dresses are a favorite of mine because they are super comfortable and airy. If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a fan of bodysuits! These bodysuits paired with some shorts are perfect for this time of year, plus they come in multiple colors!

European Vacation Must Have | Comfortable Shoes

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Champagne Flats | Cut Out Flats | White Leather Sneaker | White Sneakers | White Casual Supportive Sneakers | Tan Suede Corkbed Sandal | Tan Supportive Sandals | Black Platform Sandal (10% off) | Taupe Sandals | New Balance Sneakers

Comfortable shoes are IMPERATIVE! You will walk more than you think and nothing is worse than having to walk a lot while your feet are screaming at you! All of these sandals are either made out of cork or have support built into them, so you can walk without pain. Another hack is to use the moleskin on areas like the back of your ankles and toes. This gives you an extra layer of protection between your feet and shoes to keep yourself comfortable.

Night Out In Europe Outfit

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Midi Black Dress with Slit tts, S | Black V Neck Cinched Dress (5% off) tts, S | Tan Clutch | Black Clutch (57% off) | Black Strap Heels | Gold Necklace (15% off) | Strapless Bra

You can never go wrong with a little black dress! It is classic, elegant and will perfectly in Europe when you are wanting to step out for dinner! These are great date night looks as well that can be worn for multiple occasions. This strapless bra is my favorite! So many people have told me that they love it because it actually stays up and does not fall throughout the day! This is big for me, because strapless bras can become annoying to handle. However, this one is my all time favorite!

European Trip | Heels & Accessories

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Black Strap Heels | Tan Studded Heels | Clear Strap Heels | Tan Circle Crossbody | Quay Sunglasses | Straight Brim Hat (13% off + 5% off coupon) | Gold Necklace (15% off) | Black Crossbody (42% off) | Lace Bralette | Gold Hoop Earrings

Here are some extra accessories that you can take with you for any vacation. You can never go wrong with reliable strap heels and this style is my go-to! I wear these with just about every dress or special occasion because they are comfortable and sturdy! Grab your favorite sunglasses, brim hat, and jewelry and you are ready to travel!! I would love to hear where some of your favorite places to go are. Maybe I’ll be making my own trip to Europe soon!

Shop These Styles

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Shorts Matching Set tts, S | Orange Ruffle Top Set tts, S | Blue Wide Leg Matching Set tts, S | Sandals

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Bodysuit tts, S | Linen Pants S, Unaltered | Straight Brim Hat (13% off + 5% off coupon) | Sunglasses | Sandals | Crossbody Bag

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Orange Shorts Matching Set (17% off) S | Straight Brim Hat (13% off + 5% off coupon) | Similar Crossbody Bag (11% off) | Sandals | Sunglasses

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High Neck Romper tts, S (15% off + 5% off coupon) | Sandals | Crossbody Bag | Sunglasses

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Blue Sun Dress tts, S (5% off coupon) | Jean Jacket XS | Sandals | Clear Strap Heels | Similar Crossbody (11% off)

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Striped Wrap Dress tts, S (13% off + 5% off coupon) | Jean Jacket XS | Similar Tan Heels

V Neck Dress (5% off) tts, S | Midi Slit Dress tts, S | Black Strap Heels

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Black Dress tts, S | Jean Jacket XS | Sandals | Black Strap Heels | Similar Crossbody (11% off) | Brim Hat (13% off + 5% off coupon) | Sunglasses

Travel Must Haves

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I include everything from travel gadgets to luggage! Check out the blog to be totally ready for your next vacation!

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