Victoria Emerson Bracelets BOGO Sale!

As you know, or may not know if you are new around here, I am pretty selective about my jewelry. It has to be just right – cute, comfy, casual and affordable! Well, Victoria Emerson Bracelets are all that and then some. I rarely ever use the overused word “obsessed” and if I ever do use it, I mean it! Friends, I am obsessed with these pieces!

Victoria Emerson the best affordable bracelets for casual everyday boho mom style  - Everyday Holly

Victoria Emerson bracelets come in several styles and I have to say that I love all of them! They feel amazing and they are perfect for small to large wrists. And, I love that you can stack them and wear multiple pieces at one time! They are not heavy or cumbersome and they are so easy to put on by yourself which is a huge bonus!

The Wrap Bracelet

I love the Victoria Emerson wrap style bracelets! They are perfect for everyday and you can layer several of them, too! They are light as air and stay in place. And, Victoria Emerson offers such beautiful color combinations!

Shop my favorite wrap style bracelets

The Boho Cuff

Can we just stop and take in the beauty of these boho cuffs? Even if you feel you are not “boho” you will love these! And, they have the coolest magnet latch to attach them! Putting these cuffs on are as easy putting on slip on shoes!

Shop my favorite boho cuffs

The Boho Mini Cuff

If you want something a little smaller than the Boho Cuff, then go for the mini cuff! They are just as amazing, but on a smaller scale.

Shop my favorite boho mini cuffs

Stack them!

Don’t forget that you can stack them up! They are so lightweight that you won’t even notice you are wearing them!

I will warn you – these sell out quick, so make sure you grab them quick. There are so many more on the Victoria Emerson website.

These also make great gifts, so you can get your holiday shopping done early!

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