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The Best Swimwear Essentials You Need For Summer

The time has finally come to start whipping out the bathing suits! I recently just purchased some new swimsuits from Amazon for this season to give them a try! Of course just like normal clothes, some items fit better than others, however I have compiled those with some of my favorite swimwear pieces that I think you’ll love! Over the years I have found some really great swimsuits, cover ups, and swimwear essentials. As we are currently in the middle of Spring Break season, there is no better time but now to share these. Whether you are going some place tropical for Spring Break or planning a trip this summer you need these pieces. All of these items are from Amazon and my must-haves for the spring and summer time!

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Swimwear Essentials | Tankinis

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Black & Orange Floral Tankini | Black V-Neck Tankini (10% off coupon) | Gray 3 Piece Set Tankini | Black & White One Shoulder Tankini | Black V-Neck Mesh Tankini

These tankinis from Amazon are amazing! If you are looking for cute and comfortable styles that are a little bit different than a one piece, these are great especially if you have a longer torso. I like how these bathing suits come in a variety of styles like having a one shoulder, or floral print. If you do not want to completely show off your body, and still feel confident in a bathing suit, I highly recommend these tankinis!

Swimwear Essentials | Modest Style

modest style bathing suits, one piece bathing suits, one shoulder swimsuit, swimwear essentials

Black V Ruched One Piece | One shoulder Ruffle Swimsuit | Criss Cross Mesh One Piece (44% off) | Orange & Striped One Piece | High Neck Mesh One Piece (6% off)

For my full coverage girls, I am loving these one pieces from Amazon! All of these bathing suits comes in a TON of different sizes and colors! These bathing suits are fully coverage on the booty, and you feel very secure and sculpted! You can look stylish while still being modest! How cute is that one shoulder ruffle swimsuit?! Or the criss-cross neck mesh one?!

Swimwear Essentials | Cut Out

Black Back Cut Out Swimsuit | Mauve Side Cut Out One Shoulder Swimsuit | Black & White Scalloped One Piece (10% off coupon) | Black Cut Out Bow Tie One Piece

Have you ever tried a cut out swimsuit? I think they are on-trend, super cute, and it changes up the style, rather than just a normal full coverage look. The back cut out on the first swimsuit is SO cute! I get a ton of compliments on it when I wear these to the pool and the beach. Another one I get a ton of compliments on is the scalloped and bow tied one pieces! They pull the girls together and feel secure, even though it is cut out on the bottom.

Swimwear Essentials | Trendy Pieces

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Criss-Cross Halter Back One Piece | V-Neck Ruffle Top | Black Shoulder Tie with Belt (16% off) | Deep V Wrap One Piece

If you are looking for trendier styles these pieces are super cute! While some like full coverage, others may like a little bit of a cheekier look or a plunge neckline. These swimsuits are super cute and still make you feel sculpted. For my girls who like to make a statement, these swimsuits are perfect for your next getaway with your significant other! I get so many compliments when I wear these styles, and constantly get asked where it’s from. You can get all of these looks in a huge variety of different colors and sizes!

Swimwear Essentials | Cover Ups

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White Sheer Cover Up | Black Deep-V Mesh Cover Up | White Pom-Pom Lined Cover Up (7% off) | Black & White Kimono with Pom Poms | Black Sheer Skirt Cover Up | White Lace Long Sleeve Cover Up | Tan Crochet Cover Up | Black & White Striped Kimono (10% off coupon)

You can’t complete the look without a cover up. These are a must especially if you are going to the beach! I like to find different styles and prints and pair them with a specific bathing suit. When you are walking to the pool or the beach, this allows you to be covered up but still feel the breeze! All of these cover ups are super lightweight and are great quality. I have worn these just about everywhere and still have them for this summer!

Swimwear Essentials | What’s In My Beach Bag?

what's in my beach bag, swimwear essentials, packing for the beach, pool essentials, sunscreen, beach bag, towels, beach hat, sunglasses

Quay Sunglasses | Black Strap Flip Flops | SunBum Chapstick | Beach Visor | Solar Powered Portable Charger (37% off + 10% off coupon) | Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen | Elta MD Sunscreen | Neutrogena Sunscreen | Aloe Vera Gel | Microfiber Dry Quick Towel | Tan Beach Bag | White and Black Mesh Beach Bag

Since I live in California, I get a ton of questions asking me what I put in my beach bag. Well here are all the essentials I take with me to the beach! This white and black mesh beach bag is perfect because there are so many pockets and places to store things. I pack for comfortability rather than style when I go to the beach. Everything from multiple sunscreens to microfiber towels. These towels are great because they are super absorbent and dry quickly. Which is great because this means you aren’t carrying around a soaking wet towel everywhere!

Self Tanning Must-Haves

self tanner, self tanning mitts, back tanning mitt, exfoliator, hydrating lotion, get into the limelight self tanner, isle of paradise self tanning drops

Get Into The Limelight Self Tanner | Hydroboost Body Gel | Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops | Exfoliating Mitts Mitts | Back Self Tanning Mitt | 3-in-1 Self Tanning Mitt Kit (46% off) | Dove Exfoliating Polish

Last but certainly not least, is all of my self tanning favorites! I have been using these products for years now, and have it down to a science. Here you can get everything you need to make sure skin is fresh, smooth, glowing and not patchy. Get Into the Limelight is my favorite self tanner ever. I’ve gone through many bottles and cannot go to the beach or layout with friends without giving my skin that glow!

Style These Bathing Suits with Me

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Black & White Striped Scalloped One Piece tts, S (10% off coupon) | Black Mesh One Piece tts, S (10% off) | Black & Orange Floral Tankini XS

Black V Neck One Piece XS | Black Mesh One Piece tts, S (10% off coupon) | Black Sheer Top Tankini XS | Black Cut Out One Piece | Black Tankini XS | Orange & Black Striped One Piece XS

amazon finds, amazon bathing suits, beach fashions, one piece swimwear, swimwear essentials, petite friendly swimwear, cut out bathing suits

Criss-Cross Mesh One Piece (44% off) size 4-6 | Deep-V Wrap Piece tts, S | Black Scalloped One Piece tts, S | Black Cut Out One Piece XS | Mauve One Shoulder Cut Out One Piece tts, S

criss cross mesh one piece, knit cover up, black bathing suit, amazon find, swimwear, bathing suit, beach style

Criss-Cross Mesh One Piece size 4-6 (44% off)| Crochet Cover-Up OS

One Shoulder Tankini XS | Black Tankini (10% off coupon) tts, S | 3 Piece Swimwear Set tts, S

Traveling Soon?

Are you traveling somewhere soon? Or planning a vacation for this summer? If you haven’t already check out this blog that I recently put out about all of my travel essentials! I take these items with me almost everywhere I go! CLICK HERE to check it out to get vacation ready for any trip you’re going on soon!

CLICK HERE to check out a ton of these travel must-haves in my latest Amazon Live! I show you what these items look like, how big they are, why I love them and more! Get a chance to see these items on Amazon before you purchase them.

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