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Sephora VIB Sale 2019 Favorites!

It only comes twice a year!

It’s the Sephora VIB Sale!!!

I am so excited to share my Sephora favorite with you!   Most of these products are my go-to’s over all others and let me tell you, I have tried a lot of products!  Now, keep in mind that I use more products and have even more go-to’s that what is listed here, but Sephora does not carry everything. I have more of my beauty and makeup favorites listed under ‘Beauty Must Haves’ in my blog sidebar, so make sure to check those out.

Sephora VIB 2019 Must Haves

But first, what is this sale all about? Well, let me tell you!

The Sephora VIB Sale is a sale for Sephora’s Beauty Insiders and all that means is that you sign up for a free account. That’s it! Once you sign up, you are officially a Sephora VIB! Now there are 3 levels of a Sephora VIB and as you can see, I happen to be a VIB, which means that I spent at least $350, but less that $1000 last year at Sephora.  One thing this does not tell you is that as a Beauty Insider you will save 10%, as a VIB you will save 15%, and as a Rouge you save 20% during the sale.

Sale Dates: The sale takes place from 5/2/19 – 5/6/19 for Beauty Insiders and VIB levels and if you are a Rouge level, then you can start shopping on 4/26.

Check out all the benefits of the different levels below in this picture…

Sephora Beauty insider VIB sale

So, you might be asking, “what is the big deal?”  Well, most all of these items never go on sale, so it’s a great time to stock up or try something that you have been wanting, but do not want to pay full price.

Here is my list of my skin care products products that I use just about everyday or on the regular.

Here are my skin care tools

Here are my skin care tools

Here is list of my makeup go-to’s

Hair Care Faves

Love these value sets

That sums it up!

As always, please ask me any questions or if you need recommendations, please ask! I LOVE helping and sharing!








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