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Make Family Memories This Christmas

I love this time of year! There is no better gift than quality time with our families. Our family is all about traditions and the little activities each year that make the best memories. We laugh, tell stories, play games, bake cookies & more! I have compiled a list of different holiday activities to bond with your family this year.

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Family | Movie Nights

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Movie Night Popcorn Set | Popcorn Containers | Franklin’s Popping Corn | Popcorn Seasonings | Popco Microwave Popcorn Popper | Home Alone Movie | Home Alone 2 Movie | Elf Movie (all movies you can rent for FREE on Amazon right now) See the entire list HERE

I love family holiday movie night! The Home Alone Movies & Elf are must watches during the holiday season. If you are wanting to amp up movie night, have the kids create a pallet in the living room full of blankets & pillows. Here are some of my favorite popcorn essentials. The best popping popcorn kernels are from Franklin’s. You can buy this in bulk and it will last you forever! Spice them up with all your seasonings, and for easy popping you can use the silicone Popco popcorn maker! (comes in many different colors)

Family | Game Night

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Ticket to Ride Game | Telestrations Game | Hedbanz Game | Uno Game Pack | Sequence Game | Left Center Right Game

Game night is a blast with my family! It is something that I treasure, because real family bonding can happen during game night. I will admit that I am a bit competitive, but I am never a sore loser! Here are some of my favorite family games that are great for all ages. Telestrations and Hedbanz are great games to play if you are looking for a good laugh. Any sort of guessing game under a time crunch makes for hilarious memories!

Family | Christmas Baking

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Baking for the Holidays Cookbook | Kitchen Baking Set | Cupcake Baking Liners | Christmas Cookie Cutters | Blue & White Snowflake Sprinkles | Red & Green Sprinkles

Here comes the Christmas baking! Do you make Christmas cookies or gingerbread houses with your families? I love doing this with the kids because they get so creative and seeing what everyone makes is so cool to see. Even if you are wanting to do something with the adults, this Holiday cookbook comes with a ton of different recipes. If you are needing to bring something to a Christmas party this year, this recipe book will help you create the perfect dessert or dish that everyone will love!

Family | Puzzles

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Nutcracker Suite Puzzle | Santa Puzzle | Holiday Truck with Puppies Puzzle | Decorative Ornaments Puzzle | Reindeer Puzzle

On a cold winter day a relaxing puzzle is always so fun to do with family (mostly my daughter and I, but the boys will occasionally put a piece in). We usually have one on the kitchen table at all times and we will sit down, pop on a holiday movie, and puzzle away. Ever since Covid, we have found a new love for puzzles and these are some of my favorite holiday puzzles to do. All of them are 1000 pieces so be prepared to work on this for a while!

decorative ornament puzzle, holly personal puzzles, family puzzles, nutcracker puzzles

1000 Piece Decorative Ornament Puzzle | 1000 Piece Nutcracker Puzzle

Family | Christmas Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking Name Tag | Red Striped Initial Stocking | Cream Initial Stocking | Holiday Chapstick Packs | Fuzzy Socks | IPhone Chargers | Cord Protectors

I found the perfect stockings for our home at Target! We interchange them on our mantle and everyone has their own handmade name tag. Each of my kids get so excited to see what’s in their stockings on Christmas morning. Here are some last minute Stocking Stuffer ideas that you can order off of Amazon that will arrive on time for the big day. A new find & a great gift for everyone in the family are these cord protectors. They keep your cord from bending all the way to create fraying or bending the wires. They make your chargers last so much longer!

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Striped Initial Stocking | Cream Initial Stocking | Wooden Name Tags

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