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Are you throwing a New Year’s Eve party? Or having a themed event soon? We are currently living in our own roaring 20’s and what better way to throw a party than have it be Great Gatsby themed! I have found the most perfect store for all things elegant, glamorous and specialized in 20’s attire. Babeyond has everything from flapper dresses, accessories, handbags to formal cocktail attire. If you are wanting to stand out in a crowded room, I highly recommend this store! I have compiled multiple Great Gatsby styles for any holiday event this season!

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Great Gatsby | Flapper Dresses

great gatsby flapper dresses, black and gold fringe dress, black flapper dress, black and red fringe flapper dress, black fringe dress, red flapper dress, black fringe shoulder flapper dress, champagne fringe dress

Black And Gold Flapper Dress | Black Sequin Wide Shoulder Strap Flapper Dress | Red and Black Flapper Dress | Black Fringe Flapper Dress | Red Fringe Short Sleeve Dress | Black Fringe Shoulder Dress | Champagne Fringe Dress

These flapper dresses are stunning! They look even better in person and will definitely be a show stopper. The Great Gatsby era was a pinnacle of high end fashion and is a fabulous idea for a themed party! They are petite friendly and not too long on the body.

Great Gatsby | Accessories

black and gold accessory set, black and gold feathered fan, black feathered headband, black and champagne accessory set, black and red feathered fan

Black & Gold Accessory Set | Black & Gold Feathered Fan | Black Feathered Headband | Black & Champagne Accessory Set | Black & Red Feathered Fan

Lets amp up the outfit even more with these amazing accessories! Babeyond has sets that come with gloves, pearls, earrings, and different headbands that will take your outfit to the next level. If you live in a warm climate you can play it off by using this feathered fan to cool yourself off! And you will look fabulous doing it!

Great Gatsby | Shaws

white fur shaw, black fur shaw, black lace fringe shoulder shaw cover up, black ruffle boa, white across the shoulder tie shaw

White Fur Shaw | Black Fur Shaw | Lace Fringe Shoulder Shaw | Ruffle Boa Shaw | Fur Shoulder Tie Shaw

I’m such a big fan of these shaws! I love to have ones on hand because I will wear it with evening dresses during the holidays. They are so elegant and make you feel like you are truly taken back to the 20’s. I recommend having at least one fur shaw just to have in your closet for all fancy winter events.

Great Gatsby | Handbags

great gatsby handbags, gold rhinestone fringe clutch, gold and champagne rhinestone clutches, black rhinestone hand bags

Gold Rhinestone Fringe Bag | White Sequin Handbag | Black Rhinestone Clutch | Black Lace Detailed Studded Handbag | Gold Rhinestone Shoulder Bag | White Pearl Handbag

Do you want some elevated hand bags and clutches? Babeyond have bags that are great enough quality to be showcased in your closet. With the accessories, dress and adding a clutch you are fully ready to step out into the night! The rhinestone handbags are a favorite of mine and add so much flare to even normal outfits.

Great Gatsby | Heels

great gatsby, heels, black strap heels

Black Strap High Heel | Black Strap High Heels with Ankle Cut Outs | Black and Gold Heels | Black Strap Short Heels | White and Gold Heels

Last but not least we have heels! You can go short or tall with the heels, but for true 20’s fashion I recommend a shorter one. They help support you better and are more comfortable for a long night of wearing. I love the black strap ones because they pair with every outfit. Highly recommend these from Amazon and they are very affordable!

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Black Fringe Dress | Black and Gold Fringe Dress | Black Short Sleeve Fringe Dress | Black and Gold Short Sleeve Dress | Black Strap Heels | Similar Black Heels | Black and Gold Accessory Set

red fringe dress, red and black fringe dress, roaring 20's, flapper dress, great gatsby themed party

Red Fringe Dress | Red and Black Sequin Fringe Dress | Black Strap Heels | Similar Heels | Red and Black Feathered Fan | Black Clutch Bag | Accessory Set

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